Conondale Range Great Walk Day 3: Finding a Rhythm


I woke just before the dawn and lazed in my tent daydreaming about life on the trail. And then I saw light outside and heard birds singing so I got up. It was magnificent.

After another hearty breakfast we set off for Summer Creek Falls Walkers Camp.


After 1.2km we dropped our packs and walked down a steep 200m trail to Peters Creek Falls. It was a perfect rainforest location, complete with an infestation of leeches. It would be a delightful swimming hole in summer.


We crossed Peters Creek further upstream, taking off our goes to keep them dry important the shin deep water.


We climbed out of the creek to 600m altitude where we stopped for a 5 minute break. The bush opened out here on the ridge. I sent Mum and Dad ahead for a while to walk alone. Not to be antisocial but just because I am used to hiking alone.

After another hour we stopped for a morning tea of home made banana chocolate chip cake I’d baked for the trip. It was leech central on the rainforest floor but we had little choice so we sat on our bright yellow pack covers and enjoyed the serenity.


At 11:20am we reached a beautiful and dry clearing that was leech free. We’d already covered 8.8km and only had 6.5km left to walk so we lay down under the Tallowood timbers to rest. It was such a peaceful experience.


The trail dropped down to Summer Creek, which we had to cross twice in quick succession. After the second crossing we stopped for lunch of salami and crackers on the bank of the gurgling intercourse under a tall stand of palms.

After lunch the trail climbed steeply back to the top of a 400m high ridge. We were back in bellbird territory; their church song creating an amazing soundtrack to accompany the sound of he water rushing down Summer Creek below and the wind in the trees above us.



Summer Creek dropped over a series of cascades. The first were small steps fanning out across the rocks. This was followed by a longer volumous drop before the water plunged hundreds of metres to a deep blue pool way s
down in Summer Creek Gorge.


Summer Creek Falls Walkers Camp was pretty. I was able to pitch my tent on a small patch of grass to insulate me from the cold. I really must get myself a mat if I’m going to hike more often; my new tent doesn’t insulate me as well as my old tent did.

We pigged out on food to reduce weight for the final 12km. I was a bit sad about it being the final night because I love hiking like this. I could keep going for weeks.

Total: 15.2km @ 3kph.

2 responses to “Conondale Range Great Walk Day 3: Finding a Rhythm

  1. What a great write up, and love your photos. I feel like I’m there.

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