An extra rest day

I decided to err on the side of caution today and take an extra rest day. I woke up this morning with that second day stiffness in my lower back, quads and calves. Besides, my partner had the day off work so I worked from home so that we could actually have time together; I decided that was more important than training seeings as I actually hadn’t seen her since I left home early on Wednesday morning last week (she worked night shifts Sunday and Monday).

Tonight I am glad for the rest because the soreness is all gone. I am now looking forward to tomorrow’s 6km run. I’m just going to take a fully barefoot trot around the estate I live in. Each lap is 3km so I’ll do two laps. From home the course will take me down a short steep hill for about 150m, along a flat for a few hundred metres, up a long hill for about 500m, down a long hill on the other side for about 1km and then back along the flat to the big hill. On the second lap I will have to run back up the steep hill to my home.

It’s not a glamorous route but it contains all the necessary elements for a solid training run. And I know I can run it full barefoot, which is what I feel the need for at the moment to go back to basics for a run or two.

3 responses to “An extra rest day

  1. good choice to be a bit cautious. I never like to push through something that may lead to trouble down the road.

    • That’s what I was thinking Brian. I still want to be running long into the future so I don’t think it’s sensible to risk injury. It’s tough to take it easy but that’s what YouTube and blogs are for … to stay motivated 🙂

  2. I think I’d have to stay in bed for a week if I’d done all you have recently lol.

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