Brisbane Running Festival


My right hand is numb and my fingers no longer move. I’ve been standing out in the cold since 5am and, despite the cold I’m having a blast.

It’s about 7am, and the marathon and half marathon runners are passing me in a steady stream. My hand is so cold because I’ve been holding it up to show the runners which way to go.

I never realised there were so many runners in Brisbane. And I know there are even more coming later in the 10km event and still more who haven’t entered the Brisbane Running Festival.


I’m volunteering as a course marshal down at Kangaroo Point near the Brisbane Jazz Club not far from the Story Bridge. I am here to support my running club mates from Brisbane Bayside Runners and Walkers.

It’s a brilliant event and wonderful to share this experience with my club mates. I film each of them as they pass through. There are so many of them that the clip ends up being over 3 mins long after I put all the little sections together.

At about 7:15am I look up and see the silhouette bodies of thousands of 10km runners streaming across the Story Bridge. The sight is magical. I feel intimately connected with humanity and intensely proud to call Brisbane home. We must live in a brilliant city to have an event like this. All these thousands of people coming together with a shared goal: to enjoy a running race.

My club mates all run well. We are represented across all the events and throughout the field. We have runners who win their categories and one who came top 3 (maybe he won, I haven’t checked the results yet). We have a lady who just finished her first marathon and a few who finished their first 10km.

But most importantly, we have runners who just got out and gave it a go for the pure joy of participation. It wasn’t all about winning and, to me, that’s how sport should be enjoyed.

I’m glad I gave up a few hours to help with the event. It was time well spent.


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