Does gardening after running count?

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve decided to turn up for our club run. It’s really  cold and I’m early so I head out for a 2km warm up run in my tracksuit.

The sun rising over the water looks lovely so I start with a lap of the Victoria Point boat ramp and jetty. Fishermen are launching their boats and the ‘tick tick’ of marine rigging fills the air.

A rough path drops down onto a sandy beach. I follow it, enjoying the feel of damp hard sand under my Vibrams. The tide is low so the moored boats are stranded on the mud flats. It’s oddly comforting because it’s so familiar.

I run back the way I came, arriving at the club meeting point in time to slip into the gathering throng. Our group is large and happy. The Saturday morning run is a good way to start the weekend.

I run near the back of the group, chatting with various club mates. I.hear about their goals, training and achievements. It’s been a big few weeks on Brisbane’s running scene so the focus us object running right now. Another day we will chat about other things.

We finish the club run and spend over an hour  chatting at the bakery. It’s been a grand few hours.
After running club I head to the landscape shop. My running has inspired me to fix the vegie garden. I spend the next 8 hours pulling weeds, shifting half a metre of topsoil and a metre of mulch, digging out trees, and planting seedlings.

By the time I’ve cooked dinner, hung the washing and washed the dishes I’m so tired that I fall asleep in the lounge chair. It makes me wonder whether the 8 hours gardening counts as training.

Total: 8.68km run.

5 responses to “Does gardening after running count?

  1. I would say it does 🙂

  2. So funny. I was thinking just this morning, while looking out at my jungle of a garden after being away for 11 days, whether a garden was really worth all the work (ie weeding). Then I harvest some okra, jalapenos, and cayenne peppers and decided it was!

    • I have that sometimes too. Especially in our hot humid summer when most vegies struggle to survive. But, like you, I find the appeal of harvest too strong to give up.

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