Perth georun


Platform 9 3/4 – brilliant cache hidden here

I’m in Perth this week because I have meetings here for work. While traveling for work sometimes gets me down because I’m away from my partner, I do like that it gives me somewhere new to run.

I’m loosely following the UltraLadies 50km training program at the moment. I am determined to stay loose about my following it because training programs and me don’t go well together. But at the same time, I need some help to get to a point where 50km is not a ridiculous increase in my mileage. The great thing about the program, for me, is that it just specifies recommended distances, not types of workouts. I tried to start with week 2 last week but struggled to recover from Flinders Tour. However, I’m still going to do week 3 this week and work from there. Starting here fits in well with my racing schedule.

This morning I wanted to go for a 6km run here in Perth. But I didn’t want to do my usual lap of the river. So I opened c:Geo and marked some geocaches that I thought would make an interesting 6km run. I started poorly with four did not finds in a row. My excuse is that it was still dark and that I haven’t been caching in three weeks. The reality is, though, that I was just cache blind. I did enjoy the hunt though.

The final cache I was aiming to find was Platform 9 3/4 out at the Perth Public Transport Centre. And what a brilliant cache it was. In the darkness I could see how the big steam engine looked like it might have come from Harry Potter. The cache itself was a bolt with a magnet in it. It has been attached to the train. On removing it, you have to unscrew the bolt head to reveal the log inside. A nice cache as the first in ages and to kick start what I hope will be a more successful geocaching week here in Perth.


I always dream about the interesting places freeways lead to

After finding Platform 9 3/4 I just ran back to my hotel. As I did I crossed the Graham Farmer Fwy again. Whenever I cross freeways I wonder whether the signed locations are interesting. I am sure Welshpool is merely a suburb of Perth but I can’t help but imagine a rocky outcrop on the coast with big rock pools underneath it where the waves crash with whitewash foam. Letting my imagination run away with itself is a nice way to pass some time, even if it is mere fantasy. I can’t bear to Google Welshpool to find out my disappointment. 😉

The run was delightful. I feel refreshed after an easy week last week and ready to start clocking up the miles. It’s only 5 days now until my next race and I feel ready for the challenge.

Total: 6.4km in 33:58 plus 25 mins geohunting. Found 1 of 4 geocaches.


2 responses to “Perth georun

  1. The recommended distances (without set pacing) is what I am doing to build up to 50km as well. I was just thinking tonight how happy I am with my program so far because it’s not pushing so hard that I am constantly dealing with tendon issues, strains, etc. Just tired legs! (but good tired!). Keep it up!

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