Kings Park georun


View from Kings Park

What’s not to like about running in Kings Park, Perth? There’s gorgeous views of the city and it’s river. There’s trees with birds singing in them. And there’s grassy areas with statues and ponds. It’s just magnificent.


A beautiful pond

Kings Park is probably my all time favourite place to run. Not just when I am in Perth but of all the places I have run. Sure, it’s got no cool flowing single track and the paths are mostly bitumen or concrete. But it’s the calm peace of the park that draws my soul.


I climbed all 101 steps

Kings Park feels self assured and relaxed despite the hub bub of Perth and it’s big business going on around it. It doesn’t matter that this city of the west is Australia’s mining capital where plans for ecological destruction are made. Because secretly every tree, bird and blade of grass in Kings Park know that balance and harmony will always find a way to prevail.


A random section of trail

And so too will we all find balance and harmony in our lives if we relinquish control to what comes naturally to us. We too can have the confidence and poise of Kings Park in our lives. We can face challenges and changing times with grace and dignity just as the ancient trees of Kings Park have.


There is a silhouette of another runner there somewhere

And so it was that I set off to run 10km this morning but ended up being so distracted by the beauty of Kings Park that I actually ran 15km instead. And took time to stop to find some geocaches too; enjoying the quiet as I signed each log.

Total: 15km run with 5 geocaches found.


2 responses to “Kings Park georun

  1. It looks a lovely place 🙂

    • That it is 🙂 And the City to Surf marathon goes through it from the 22km – 32km mark; so right where I’m going to be hurting the most so it will be a good boost to my spirits.

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