Perth River Run


Dawn at the Windham Bridge

I set off before the dawn to run about 6km this morning. I don’t have my GPS with me so I decided to just follow the Swan River from East Perth past The Causeway, across the Windham Bridge and back to East Perth along Plain Street. Without knowing exactly how far I was going to be running, I just figured that I’d make sure I ran for 35-40 minutes.

This was my first run along the Swan River on the far side of the Causeway. I don’t know why I’ve never run there before; it’s beautiful. The eastern side of the river houses the Burswood entertainment and casino complexes, which have pretty lights that reflect off the dark river. And then, around 6:15am, the sun started to rise just as I ran across the Windham Bridge. At the exact moment, as if planned, a rower made his way down the river so that I could get one of those quintessential river dawn photos. Later, as I ran back across the Windham Bridge, a group of stand-up paddle boarders were making their way down towards me; their silhouettes striking against the sky.

It was a beautiful run this morning. So much so that I have finally found that barefoot rhythm I’ve been searching for this past year. Sure, I’ve been running barefoot (and now in Vibrams) for over 12 months but I’ve been struggling to find that rolling forefoot rhythm that makes bare footing look so graceful. And this morning I found myself able to do it. Sure, not for the whole run, but for entire 10-15 minute sections of running. It was magical. All that practice and focus I’ve been putting into the style is finally starting to pay off. I think having the Vibrams is helping with it because it means I don’t have to focus as much on avoiding rocks and glass; I can focus more on technique. When I found that forefoot rhythm I felt my speed increase … so I’m just going to keep practising until it becomes second nature.

Total: 8.1km in 46:10 (5:41 pace).


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