Club run

Scenery from the club run

It was almost a perfect morning for running. The air was fresh, the sun was coming up over the water and the company was grand. Sure, there was a stiff cold breeze coming off the bay, but it’s not like we get really cold weather here.

My FiveFingers were still wet this morning from the wash I gave them last night so I decided just to run full barefoot for my club run. My feet enjoyed the freedom of feeling bitumen and grass as I cruised along the 6km waterfront route. I also enjoyed the company of club mates with whom I shared the run. We talked a bit as we ran, sharing stories of our adventures and plans. The more I turn up to our club runs the more I enjoy them. And the more I enjoy the hour or two at the bakery afterwards.

Tomorrow is the Lake Manchester 22km trail run. A group of us from Brisbane Bayside Runners and Walkers are going there together to run the event. It’s going to be a fun day.

Total: about 6.4km in 38:44.74 (6:03 pace).

3 responses to “Club run

  1. Absolutely delightful! Good luck on the run!

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