Rest day ramblings

Friday is my rest day. Today is also my first day of holidays. I started my day by catching up on blog reading. I watched this awesome video about the Leadville 100 mile on the Ultra Running blog. For me, the Leadville 100 mile represents a dream that is akin to what Everest is to a climber.

4 responses to “Rest day ramblings

    • I do too. They are really inspiring. It’s funny, when I did triathlon last year, I rarely watched YouTube clips of the sport. I never really felt connected to the sport in the way I feel connected to trail running. I love watching YouTube clips when I’m having rest days. Not just the pretty ones but also the interviews with experienced professional runners.

  1. I know someone who is running Leadville, and have a close friend who ran Western States 100 a month ago. Pretty incredible stuff!

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