I started my day at the physiotherapist to have my legs looked at. I’ve decided to see Paul at Body Leadership. He comes highly recommended by my running friends and I was not disappointed. I felt that Paul listened to me when I told him about my niggles, my injury history and my goals. Paul assessed my stride, flexibility and specific areas of strength. He did some massage to start releasing my tightness and gave me some homework. What I liked about him was that he explained what he was doing, answered my questions and didn’t try to talk me out of my slightly crazy 12-in-12 Challenge.

After enjoying a day at home with my partner, parents and an aunt, I went out running with my friend A tonight. We had organised a nice easy 4km run through the suburbs; a repeat of last Thursday’s easy run. I wanted to run 6km so did an extra 2km at 5:40 pace before meeting up with A. We had a lovely run and chat for about 4km.

I love these easy chatty runs. They are a nice reminder that running isn’t about training or racing but about movement and friendship.

Total: 6.34km barefoot run at 6:49pace. Elevation gain 74m. Average temperature: 18.0’C.


2 responses to “Monday

  1. I love runs like those, and had one myself last night with my boyfriend and the dogs. Nice and easy, no worries about pace, just pure enjoyment.

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