Post marathon stuff

Holiday snap: Fremantle Markets

I thoroughly enjoyed my marathon on Sunday and am still on holidays in Western Australia with my partner. I’ve not been blogging because I’m spending quality time with my partner.

I’m feeling really good after my marathon. Immediately after the race I stood thigh-deep in the icy cold ocean and then I sat in a cold bath when I returned to my hotel. The cold water treatment seems to have helped a lot because I have none of the leg soreness that I had after my first 50km trail run. The next morning after the marathon my body felt great again.

The only exception is my right hamstring. I have a light strain in it so am resting this week to give it a chance to recover. I bought an ice brick so have been using that yesterday and today to try to speed the recovery of the strain. I’m keeping off the hamstring as much as I can but we’re driving around for a few days and I need my right leg to operate the car’s controls, so I can’t totally rest it.

Holiday snap: South Beach, Fremantle

If it weren’t for the hamstring strain I’d be back out running already today, just two days post marathon. But perhaps this is my body’s way of making sure I rest to fully recover from my effort before preparing for my next 12-in-12 Challenge event, which is just 17 days away. I’m not too concerned about the hamstring strain. It’s only light and there’s no swelling. Besides, my physio is a miracle worker so he’ll get me right as rain.

Holiday snap: Swan Valley

I’ll probably not post a lot until I return back home to Brisbane next week unless I go out running. But don’t fear, I’m still alive. I’m just enjoying my vacation with my partner. We’ve been eating lots of delicious food and finding a few geocaches while we’re out driving.

Holiday snap: Canola fields near Williams

Enjoy your weeks and I will be back blogging either when I am able to run again or when I am back in Brisbane on Monday, whichever comes sooner.

6 responses to “Post marathon stuff

  1. Ice baths after long runs are the best! They’re not always fun when you’re sitting in them, but afterwards they really help with recovery.

    • The difference in my recovery was astounding. I think it was your blog that first recommended them. Then my physio gave me the same advice last week before I came to Perth. I didn’t add ice but the water was very cold.

  2. Rest, relax, ice bath, massage? 🙂
    12 in 12? I’m guessing you don’t mean sandwiches. . . I look forward to your reports!

    • LOL Sandra. No, not sandwiches 😉 … I am hoping to find someone to give me a massage. I tried two places but they were fully booked. Am going to try another today … Am definitely resting and relaxing 🙂 We’re doing a lot of nothing while we’re away on holidays. It’s totally divine

      • Ah, the holidays 🙂 Good luck finding a massage therapist. Mine lives 5 houses down and I just had 90 minutes a few days ago. Talk about divine!

      • I’ve given in on a massage. I usually go to my daughter in law who has her own little business (I pay her too). Hammy feels good this morning 🙂 .

        Jealous of you 90 min session

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