Denmark doddle

Denmark sunrise

It’s the fifth day after the City to Surf Marathon and I was desperate to get out for a run this morning. I set off in the darkness just before 5:30am. We stayed in Denmark last night (not the country, the town on the southern coast of Western Australia) so I decided to do a bit of exploring.

I felt good for the first kilometre; a little tight after not running for a few days but good. The full moon was setting in the west. At first I couldn’t work out what the bright light behind the clouds on the horizon was; it was as though a big city had all its lights on. Then the clouds parted and I saw the moon.

A shooting star shot through the sky above me as I reached the 1.5km mark. It started white and burned up into a feint trail of yellowy-orange. I made a wish and kept on going.

By the 2km mark I started to feel my hamstring again. It didn’t hurt but was warning me to take things a bit easier. If it weren’t for the 12-in-12 Challenge I might have just run through the pain. But I can’t afford to get injured so I listened to my body. I walked for about 100m before slowly jogging again to the 3km mark. At 3km I decided to again walk about 100m to rest the hamstring before running again.

At 3.8km I decided to call my run off. The hamstring wasn’t getting any better and I was concerned about causing injury. The hamstring is such a big and powerful muscle that I’m sure I could hurt it pretty badly and that it will take a long time to heal if I do.

I found the Bibbulmun Track along the waterfront and followed it back to the B&B I was staying at. It was a gorgeous flat 3.5km walk along the Track. I watched the sun come up over the inlet, and listened to the frogs and birds singing their morning songs.

I won’t be running again until I see my physio on Tuesday. I won’t loose fitness over the next few days but will put myself out of action if I pull or tear the hamstring. I guess that’s part of this challenge for me – learning to listen to my body and to take care of it properly.

Total: 3.8km slow run and 3.5km walk.


2 responses to “Denmark doddle

  1. You were smart to walk when your hamstring started acting up. And that is an absolutely gorgeous sunrise (and photo)!

    • Yeah. I think it was smart too. The sunrise was AMAZING! It was worth the trip out.

      I’m now in Margaret River; an area famous for wine and food. Unfortunately, I don’t like wine but I do like food very much. So I think I will go for a short walk / run tomorrow morning to see how the hamstring goes and also to walk off some of the food I’m going to eat (I doubt my run will be more than 1-2km but I hope to go out for about an hour). I think it’s important to give the hamstring a test to see whether it gets stronger.

      I only have 16 days until my next race though so am taking care … I’m seeing my physio on Tuesday and craniosacral therapist on Wednesday.

      I am also concocting a plan for my next challenge in September / October 2013 … it’s going to make the 12-in-12 seem like training but it’s too early to say much more

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