Margaret River geotrail run

Weir on Margaret River

I woke on our final day in Western Australia feeling the need to go running and geocaching one last time here on the west coast. The air was cool and rain was threatening but still I desperately wanted to head out. I checked my geocaching phone app, selected a route that took me past a range of caches and set off.

I started by running through Margaret River township looking for a few urban caches. Of the five caches I attempted, I was only able to find two. It was a disappointing haul but I felt better after checking the logs to see that I was not alone in the list of ‘did not finds’ for each of them. But it was a good warm up for my run.

Trails along the river

Old footbridge across Margaret River

After running through town I was thrilled to hit the trails along the Margaret River. The soft brown soil felt wonderful under my feet and I quickly found a rhythm. I ducked and weaved my way down to an old footbridge across the river, on which a geocache was meant to be hidden. I say ‘meant’ because it’s quite clear both from my search and the logs that it is long gone. But that was okay – the run there was refreshing. Though the run across the bridge itself was slightly concerning … the bridge is certainly old.

The bright green moss was beautiful

The colours of my run were magnificent. Bright green mosses almost glowed against the brown logs and black rocks on which they grew. Purple flowers were striking against the bush. Bright yellow orchid flowers dotted the edges of the trail.

Wattles, Karris and Marris

I crossed the Bussell Hightway and ran along the 10 Mile track. Here, ancient Karri and Marri trees towered over an undergrowth of large blooming wattles. The air was filled with the mixed scent of moist soil and floral wattles. Even after it started to drizzle I kept enjoying the run.

Weir on Margaret River

Margaret River reflections

I found a geocache down near the Margaret River Weir and left a geocoin there for someone else to take on its onward journey. It was my third successful find for the morning. I enjoyed the sight of the reflections on the weir and on the river further upstream. The water rushing over the weir formed a rhythmic background to the melody sung by the many forest birds waking up for the day.

Total: 12.10km at unknown pace.





4 responses to “Margaret River geotrail run

  1. What a lovely place! Great pics

    • Thanks for the compliment on the pics. The Margaret River region is one of Australia’s premier tourist regions and is so worth the visit. Actually, the whole south west of Western Australia (also the south west of Australia) is amazing to visit.

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