A cruise with Mum

I went on a cruise with Mum this morning. We drove down to Victoria Point, and rode our bikes along the water and through random suburban streets. We covered 25.90km chatting away. It felt good to be spinning on my bike in the sunshine. I’d share a photo of our ride except the only one we took is blurry.

The bike ride was lovely and I’m feeling more positive about getting into the longer distance cycling. I’m even looking at learning how to maintain my own bike. I want to start by replacing the chain and rear cassette, replacing the tyres and brake pads, and adjusting the deraileurs. It doesn’t sound like much but for me it’s a big step because I’ve never done any bicycle maintenance myself; I barely even wash my bike.

Excitingly, my parents are buying me a bicycle headlight as a belated birthday present. I’ve shortlisted it to (I’ve linked to All Season’s Cyclist’s blog for some of the lights because he’s done great reviews):

I am excited about getting into cycling again. I used to do it a lot then lost confidence. I’ve been working on getting it back the past 15 months and am ready to take things a step further. Learning to maintain my bike and having the right gear (e.g. not a headlight held on by duct tape) will make me more comfortable and confident so that I can enjoy the scenery rather than worrying about being stranded if something breaks 🙂

Total: 25.90km cycle @ 22.1kph. 128m elevation gain.


2 responses to “A cruise with Mum

  1. Awww, what a great kid! I bet Mum really loved riding with you.

    • As do I love riding with her. It’s nice to spend time together. We’re going to Sydney together this weekend and have booked bicycle hire for the day tomorrow. It’s going to be a nice way to see Sydney together 🙂

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