A solid gym session

Image coutesy of idea go / Freedigitalphotos.net

I never thought I’d like going to the gym to do weights but I have to say I am enjoying it. I feel strong when I pump iron. I don’t lift big weights because I don’t want to get huge but the weights I lift are a suitable size for me right now.

I am not a big fan of stationary aerobic equipment but I am learning that they can be beneficial. For example, I’m sure my road cycling will improve through my use of the stationary bike. The stationary bike encourages me to spin. There are no obstacles, hills or corners to negotiate so I can teach my legs to keep up a higher than usual cadence without complaining. I’ve always been the type of cyclist who pushes big gears and breaks bottom brackets. Perhaps a few months watching the cadence metre on the stationary bike will encourage me to become a cyclist who is able to spin efficiently all day long instead of being the guy who keeps having to stand on the pedals up every little hill and then rest my legs on the way down.

The rowing machine also has good purpose for me. I can use it as an alternative to cycling and swimming to recruit more muscles to the aerobic exercise. It’s not all that exciting sliding back and forward on the spot but I do get a kick out of watching the measurements on the display. There’s an instant gratification to being able to see that I’m rowing at 43 strokes per minute or passing each 500m mark. Also, rowing is a sport I just don’t have the equipment to do out in the real world. Not only do I not have a boat, but even if I did it would quite difficult to get it to the water on my motorbike. I can feel my back and thigh muscles toning as I use them to row.

And, of course, there’s always the guilty pleasure of checking myself out in the mirrors as I lift weights in the free weights room. 😉

Today I started with 10 minutes on the triathlon-style stationary bike, riding at 110-115 RPM and covering 5.4km. I followed this with 10 minutes on the rowing machine, stroking at 43 strokes/minute and covering 2,180m.

I completed 3 sets of 8 repetitions in the weights room:

Exercise Weight
Incline dumbbell bench press 12.5km / dumbbell
Leg curl 45kg
Seated row 35kg
Bent arm pull-over 7.5kg + barbell
Chin up 6 + 4 + 3
Dumbbell bicep curls 10kg / dumbbell
Back ext Body weight
Decline crunch Body weight

I completed my workout with a 5 minute cool-down on the reclining stationary bike, riding at just 90RPM and covering just 2.1km. I usually try to do 10 minutes after my weights workout but I didn’t have time today because I was getting a lift to work.

Total: Weights +

  • 10 mins stationary bike @ 110-115RPM covering equivalent of 5.4km
  • 10 mins rowing machine @ 43 s/m covering equivalent of 2,180m
  • 5 mins reclining stationary bike @ 90RPM covering equivalent of 2.1km.

2 responses to “A solid gym session

  1. Hi, it was good to see a familiar face this morning early at the YMCA! It has led to me to discover your weblog – I must say you are a legend!
    I try to do weekly – cardio+weights (3 x), 5k – 10k run (3 x) and 13k bicycle commute to/from work (weekdays). Perhaps I can get some training tips? I need to switch things up, still on the original cardio+weights program given to me by a YMCA trainer about 8 weeks ago.

    All the best.

    • G’day Steve 🙂 I thought it was nice to see a familiar face too. I always hope to bump into someone at the gym. Sorry I’m not all that social when workout. Well, I am when I run but it takes me a while with one-on-one social chatting and I’m fairly focused in the gym because it’s not as flowing.

      Sounds like you’re training well. I used to cycle commute and usually enjoyed it. I don’t get to do it these days because we don’t have end-of-trip facilities at my work. And I probably wouldn’t anyway because peak hour on the roads into Loganholme are pretty dangerous.

      Training tips? I don’t really have any. I have been training all my life except the big 6 year break I took from 2005-2011. I used to be a serious runner and triathlete as a junior so used to devour training manuals. At the moment I’m unable to run so I’m working on finding a new rhythm for the summer. I’m hoping to do weights 2-3 times a week, and swim or cycle 4-5 days a week. It’ll be easier once the Y opens their swimming pool (which I learned this morning won’t be until mid-October due to building work).

      You are clearly doing the right thing though after reading your amazing story on FB. Very inspirational stuff Steve.

      We’ll have to catch up one Saturday at the bakery after running club. I’m away for a few weekends in a row but might go for a quick social trip to the bakery next Saturday before I go camping in northern NSW. It’d be nice to meet you properly.

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