Rest day in Nowra



I took the train to Nowra yesterday to visit a friend. We had a “gezelig” (a Dutch word for which there is no appropriate translation but sociable and delightful will have to do) night talking around the dinner table and outside in the courtyard.

This morning I woke early and went for a short 20minute stroll to find a nearby geocache where I dropped off a geocoin and collected another geocoin. The area my friend lives in is built up and suburban so there wasn’t much to photograph. Though the gardens of blossoming flowers did smell divine.


Tinnies on the shore


Views from lighthouse

I spent the day with my friend who took me to see the local sight. We walked along the river and out to the lighthouse. I didn’t pay attention to the place names because we were too busy talking.


Wisteria in Berry

After exploring the coast we drove to nearby Berry for lunch. This pretty town has a hippy feel to it and wisteria growing with gay abandon. We don’t get wisteria at home so I felt like I was in another country.

After lunch I caught the train back to Sydney. A journey that took about 3 hours but took me through beautiful country from emerald green fields to the sapphire blue ocean.


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