Night cycle


Ready to ride

I had to drop a car off at Mum’s place after a long day at work so decided to unwind by cycling home. It’s been a long time since I rode at night but if I want to ride Audax I’ll have to get used to it again.

Everything looks different at night. Especially because my headlight is useless (Mum and Dad are buying me a new one for my birthday but I haven’t yet decided which to get).

Wallabies are moving shadows by the roadside that I had to hope wouldn’t jump in my path. Horses were slow moving lumps who grunted at me in friendly voices. Cars from behind were sources of light while the headlights from those coming towards me blinded my sight.

It’s not taken long for me to enjoy cycling again. I like being outdoors exploring to world and cycling is allowing me to do that.

I have caught Mum’s coldy flu so am going to rest for the next day or two to get rid of it. Last time I got it I trained through it, which was a mistake. The sickness is mild and normal for this time of year when the seasons change again (it’s suddenly  got warmer). I’ll be right as rain by the weekend.

Total: 19.5km cycle


2 responses to “Night cycle

  1. Lying in bed myself with the “coldy flu,” trying to decide if I want to run my scheduled 12 miler in the morning (who am I kidding, of course I do!). Must make wise decisions . . .

    • Definitely say in bed and recover today so that you feel better tomorrow. I got a string of coldy flus in our autumn and didn’t rest. I was training for a race and thought the day off would affect my training. The result of pushing through was that the coldy flu didn’t go away for weeks and only got worse. I ended up having to get strong antibiotics because the sickness took hold. This time I’m taking a day off training and work to recover. I am sure it will mean I get well more quickly. Because I’d rather take 1-2 days off now than a full week or two later.

      Hope you get well soon.

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