Commuting on the purple monster


Scenery on my commute

My road bike is currently on the back of my sister’s car heading to our weekend campsite. So this morning I rode my purple monster MTB to work.

If my road bike has been neglected for maintenance, my MTB has been abused. I’ve lube the chain once or twice since I bought it in 2009. You should take those numbers literally not figuratively. It’s never been serviced and rarely been cleaned.

But she’s a beauty to ride. I feel like it was built just for me despite it being 66% recycled. The only things I need to change are the sticky bar grips, chain and cassette, and I’d like some clipless pedals for road riding, which I would swap back to flats for mountain biking.

I thoroughly enjoyed my slow paced commute on the purple monster.

Total: 14km to work. Home trip TBA.


3 responses to “Commuting on the purple monster

  1. Made me smile about the lack of cleaning as I’m completely the opposite. I’m often asked why I don’t pay so much attention to my car. Easy reply is that I don’t have time to clean it as I’m either too busy riding or cleaning my bikes! 🙂

    • I aspire to be more like you and others who actually clean their bikes. Mind you, my motorbike never gets washed either and the only reason our car gets washed is because my partner occasionally gets our son to wash it. Otherwise it would probably be disgusting as well – haha. I’m pretty messy for a Virgo – I blame it on my Piscean moon though 😉

      • Lol. My car is sparkling at the moment. My eldest son’s a firefighter and he took it to his station and got it washed for me. It hasn’t looked this clean since the day I bought it!

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