Ayup headlight


Ayup in case

My brand new Ayup headlight arrived today. At $AU277 it wasn’t a cheap buy (thanks for the present Mum and Dad) but I’m already impressed.


Ayup carry case

The light comes with a hardshell carry case that has a lockable lid. The box contains the light, battery pack, chargers (AC and car), extension cord, helmet mount, two handlebar mounts and a headlamp kit. So this is an all-in-one system I will be able to use on my road bike, MTB and for trail running or hiking.


Ayup mounted on my road bike

I have mounted the Ayup headlight on my road bike for now but have also mounted the bracket on my MTB. I love the way they look; I was able to select a colour that is a close match to my bike’s paint colour.


Low beam

On high beam the Ayup is 1,000 lumens, which is hard core. In this photo the light is shining at low beam and you can clearly see the rubbish bins at the top of our driveway, even with the limited ability of my mobile phone camera. The light is like having a car headlight, which will be a nice change from the piddly 100 lumen light I was using.

The battery life is 6 hours on high beam and 12 hours on low.

It was awesome to get the light today on my second day of rest due to illness (I think the change in diet, recent weight loss and change from running to cycling has left my body temporarily less resistant to infection).


One response to “Ayup headlight

  1. Great lights. Love the colour. My lights are just under 1000 lumens and are great for off-road riding at night. Think it’s worth spending the money if you can.

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