Choosing to pedal rather than motor


Friday sunset

I read a lot of really cool blogs (you know who you all are), but today’s post goes out to Mr Bike v Car. Mr Bike v Car is challenging himself to use his bike rather than car (or that’s what I interpret from his blog). I love reading about his commuting, holiday and general cycling adventures. They inspire me. After I got injured from running, his and other cycling blogs (like Cycling and Stuff, and All Seasons Cyclist) helped me remember the joys of a sport I used to be obsessed by.

This week I used my bike to commute to work on Thursday and Friday (I was too sick the rest of the week). Then this morning, I went down to the bakery to socialise at running club (and live vicariously through all my running friends). Instead of riding my motorbike, I thought about Mr Bike v Car and how much he enjoys clocking up his cycling miles.

I couldn’t ride my road bike because I had installed the chain incorrectly (more about that in my next post) so I almost used that as an excuse to jump on my motorbike. But no. I stopped. I thought about how I wanted to use my day. And I rode my MTB down to the bakery instead. Compared to my road bike, the MTB is a pig to ride. I love it, but it needs some work and I don’t yet love riding it on the road. But I did it. And am glad I did.

I have added some mileage to my totals this week: 70.2km in three days to be exact. It’s not a lot, but I’ve enjoyed every single kilometre. I’ve enjoyed the fresh air while other commuters are rushing in their cars. I’ve enjoyed the wind rushing through my helmet against my balding head while riding down hills. I’ve enjoyed the sound of birds singing to welcome the day. And I enjoyed a magical sunset on Friday evening on my way home.

Yep. It’s been good to choose to pedal rather than motor. And I no longer see it as training.


8 responses to “Choosing to pedal rather than motor

  1. I would much rather ride my bike than drive my car, but it’s not always practical. Sometimes think I should sell the car and then I’d have no choice.

    • Meant to say thank you for mentioning my blog šŸ™‚

    • Haha. I already don’t have a car because I decided to only have a motorbike (also not always practical – I still have to properly work out how to carry my pushbike on my motorbike for when I do Audax rides). It would be great to only have a bicycle sometimes. I don’t know about you but I like 10km from my nearest shop so it’s probably not practical for me either šŸ™‚

  2. Do you use Strava on your smart phone? Can you post a link to your Strava page?

  3. I don’t have a car because I never got round to learning how to drive! 95% of the time it’s great, sometimes it’s a pain.

    I get good at sorting out ‘car shares’ (i.e. lifts!) to races šŸ˜€ I have also become and expert on the UK rail network, how to get cheap tickets and how to get a bike on.

    The rest of the time I just get fit riding everywhere. Having said that, my nearest shop is only 20 metres away and I live in a compact city with a great bus service for days when it all just gets too much! šŸ™‚

    • LOL about the car shares. I’m pretty good at borrowing cars to get to places where I need to take the pushbike or doing things I can’t do on a motorbike (like buying mulch or soil). Our rail system here in Brisbane is adequate for city and suburban transport but our intracity rail system is a joke (it’s cheaper to fly between major cities than to catch the train and for shorter trips it’s just too expensive to get a train). Fortunately, Mum and Dad have 2 utes (pick-ups to Americans) and a car so I can usually get one of the utes šŸ™‚ And they are only 18km bicycle ride away by road or 7km by MTB.

      I am working on getting my treadly on the back of my motorbike though. The first test will be 10 November when I have a 200km Audax Australia ride that I entered. I’m just going to strap her on and see what happens. I know it will be secure. The real issue is whether it’s legal to have a pushbike sticking out of the back of a motorbike šŸ˜‰

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