Geocycling in Eagleby


Typical outer suburban street in Brisbane

Poor old Eagleby gets such a bad rap. It has a reputation as a lower socio-economic area but perhaps it just has the misfortune of being on the ‘wrong side of the highway’ compared with Loganholme and Beenleigh. This morning I decided to spend a little time exploring this outer suburban suburb a little by hunting for some geocaches.

Why Eagleby? Well, why not? It’s close to my work and there are about six geocaches scattered throughout the suburb, making it a convenient option. What I discovered is that it also has wide, well-sealed roads that are pleasurable to ride.

To get to Eagleby I took my usual commute to work and then followed the V1 (bicycle way along the highway) south across the Logan River. I found my first geocache quite easily in a park. It was hidden high up in the rafters of a picnic hut so I had to remove my cycling shoes to jump up and dislodge it. Even in bare feet my reaching jump was not elegant but it was effective. I’m just glad I had the foresight to remove my shoes though because slipping on cleats would have been painful.

After logging my find, I rode further south to a cache hidden near a retirement village, which has lots of travel bugs in it. I think I was supposed to trade a travel bug or geocoin before I took one. But there was a bug in the cache that hadn’t been moved on in over a month and that had lost it’s attachment. So I decided the travel bug owner would probably prefer to see it moved on than to leave it languishing in the cache waiting for someone who already had a cool bug or coin to take pity on it. Besides, I know I’m a good TB carrier because I make sure to tell stories about where the bug’s been and to take photos. Many geocachers simply log the locations without anything extra.

I did attempt a third geocache but had a difficult time finding it so gave up. I’m quite a lazy geocacher. If the caches are too well hidden or have been moved too far from the coordinates I just give up. My time limit is about 10 minutes before I get bored and move on. For me, geocaching is not about the final search but about going to new locations (like Eagleby with its wide smooth roads).

I left a few caches for another day because I needed to head back to work. I had a lovely ride and thoroughly enjoyed rolling along on my new white tyres.

Total: 26.16km + 12.9km commute home tonight.


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