A 70+km commuter day

South-East Freeway bikeway

I had a physiotherapy appointment this morning but decided to stick to my pedal over motor plan. So this morning I spent the morning out in the sunshine smelling the scent of gardenia on the air and enjoying the first of the jacaranda blooms. During my 31km ride to the physiotherapist, along roads clogged with commuter traffic, I found two geocaches.

After my appointment I enjoyed the relative quiet of the South-East Freeway bikeway. I followed the bikeway for most of my 28km ride from the physiotherapist to my office. The bikeway has been a work in progress for about two decades and is slowly being connected up as more sections of the highway are upgraded. In some sections the path is still narrow or travels along the road. But the sections that are connected are wonderful, smooth, fast and free of traffic other than bicycles and the odd pedestrian.

Tonight I had my usual 13km commute home into a strong and gusty headwind.

Total: 71.7km cycle


2 responses to “A 70+km commuter day

  1. 70km in a day is a good haul. Keep it up

    • The kilometers in my tally are slowly clicking up. Just wait until the end of November after I’ve completed my first 3 Audax Australia rides. I might even crack the 2,500km mark this year … maybe even 3,000km. Not a lot for a cyclist but pretty good for the mixed adventures I’ve had this year 🙂

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