Getting my bike Audax ready

To be allowed to participate in Audax Australia rides (where the ride includes a night section), I must have:

  • a working set of head and tail lights that are clearly visible for at least 200m
  • a spare set of head and tail lights that are clearly visible for at least 200m
  • a reflective vest or strap.

For best practice, it’s also recommended the cyclists wear reflective ankle and wrist straps, and use reflective stickers on their bikes.

I already have a working set of head and tail lights, reflective ankle and wrist straps, and reflective stickers. However, I didn’t yet have the remaining items.

After much research and consideration, I have tonight ordered my second set of lights. I am going with the Cateye EL-530 headlight and Cateye TL-1100 tail light to go with my existing Ayup headlight and basic Cateye tail light. I used to run the EL-530 headlight and loved it. In fact, I only last week gave my two-year-old EL-530 to a friend because I broke the mounting bracket and no longer wanted to mount it with duct tape. The EL-530 is bright (not as bright as the Ayup but bright for a back-up) and has a long battery life. Also, it runs on 4xAA batteries, which means that I can carry spares with me on long multi-day or night-long rides (though my Ayup battery is an epic, which should last 12 hours at a time).

I also ordered an Oxford bright Vest to wear on night rides. I think I might also wear it in summer when I ride my motorbike because my summer jacket is black and I prefer to be visible on the road on my motorised wheels too.

To round out the order (and ensure I spent enough for free postage), I ordered a Finish Line chain cleaner kit so that I can maintain the new chain and cassette I installed on my bike.

This pretty much rounds out my road bike upgrades for now. I will eventually need a handlebar or rackless rear bag so that I can carry a bit of extra gear. But I won’t need them until either the winter or when I do rides longer than 200km, whichever comes first.



2 responses to “Getting my bike Audax ready

  1. I love how you’ve embraced cycling so fully since your running injury. You are going to be in great shape when you do start running again.

    • That’s the plan hey … I figure I might as well work on my aerobic and mental endurance for a while. By doing a lot of cycling I can get used to being on the go for 8-20 hours at a time. It means I can work out my nutrition and hydration plans, and strategies for staying focused when things go wrong. Also, a lot of the gear I’m collecting for long distance cycling can be used for running too – like the head torche and wet weather / warm gear (once I get it).

      Also, I am quite enjoying the cycling. Just about to head out the door for the day once my GPS fully recharges. It’s about 6am now and I don’t expect to be home again until about 6pm tonight.

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