Rest day ramblings: A spot of geocaching

Redland Bay at 6:30am

It’s Friday; the perfect day to enjoy a rest. The sun was shining again and the sun was already shining early so I decided to saddle up on my motorbike to go geocaching out at Redland Bay, which is just 5km from home.

The geocaching expedition itself wasn’t all that successful. I only found one out of the four caches I set out to find. But if I hadn’t gone out I would have missed a perfect morning on the bay.

The mural at the Redland Bay Amateur Fishing Club

The only cache I successfully found was located down near the Redland Bay Amateur Fishing Club who have this fantastic mural on their fence. I don’t particularly like fishing (actually, that’s a lie – I find fishing incredibly boring so straight dislike the pastime) but every time I see this mural I think that it would be nice to get into the sport.

In the Moreton Bay Fig Tree

One of the caches I failed to find was located somewhere near two huge Moreton Bay Fig Trees, which have stood sentinal on the top of a hill for many decades. They were already huge trees when I cycled past them as a 10 year old child on my first 30km road bike ride. I’ve never stopped in the little park under the trees but did today. Searching for the cache gave me an excuse to climb into the trees.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to hit the road on my bicycle to complete an imperial century and to find some more geocaches along the way.


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