Mountain biking with friends


Heading down Grass Trees track

R messaged me yesterday afternoon to invite me out mountain biking in Bayview  Conservation Park with M, a mutual friend’s husband. I jumped at the chance for some social exercise.

At 7am we saddled up and hit the trails. We rode a mix of fire trail and single track enjoying a yarn and laugh along the way. R and I managed to stay upright but poor M ate dirt three times. He didn’t hurt himself though so it was funny.


Goanna in tree

We saw a goanna while out riding. R spotted it. All I heard was scurrying in the bush and I hoped it wasn’t a big snake.

Total: about 15km mountain biking.


2 responses to “Mountain biking with friends

  1. Sounds like a fab trip and to spot a goanna as well! No such wildlife here in the UK, something I miss from being in Oz… well except for the king browns and red bellies! It’s quite a shame I never went mountain bike riding in Brissy, it looks like there are some pretty good trails there at Bayview. I’ll look forwar to reading about your next adventure 🙂

    • G’day 🙂 Yeah, we have a few nice trails out in Bayview and also in nearby Daisy Hill State Forest. I hope to do some MTB riding there before work this summer once I get my clipless pedals (that will just make the road ride there a lot easier).

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