A special place


I am an All Hallows’ Girl. It’s where my journey to self-actualisation and sporting passion really took off. Ironically, it’s also a girls’ high school with a strong Catholic and feminist foundation.


Today I didn’t train. Instead I came to my old school’s annual Past Pupils’ Mass. It’s my first time to the mass and my third visit back to the school from which I graduated in 1996.


It never feels odd or uncomfortable to be here at my old alma mater. The women from all generations still embrace me as one of them. It gives me strength and reminds me of the kind of man I want to remain. One who has courage, determination, compassion and love.
These are the attributes the women here learn and carry. It’s something that I also find on the ultra marathon track. And something I value above all else.

Tonight I am going to Lamington National Park to support my running friends and volunteer at the Lamington Classic. Perhaps it’s a way to pay forward what I have today received.

All Hallows’ School was more than a place of education. For me it was a place where I learned that I can do anything, that I love to run and that service to others is a gift that is a privilege to give.

What is your foundation? Who or what inspired your path?

2 responses to “A special place

  1. I love that your alma mater greets you with open arms after all the changes. What a wonderful school, and a wonderful group of women. My schools were good, but much more impersonal. There were only a few teachers who made me feel I could do or be anything I wanted, and certainly no one pushed me athletically. Time were different then for girls. I’ve always been very self-driven, and love doing new things and pushing my limits. Running came from other friends who ran, and their encouragement that I could do it. Then I went through a divorce and wanted to get out and make new friends, so I joined a running group. Those people are like family to me now.

    • It took me many years to appreciate how good my old school was. I am quite self-driven too so I know what you mean about loving doing new things and pushing your limits. It’s funny how life changes are sometimes what drives us as adults to try new things. Joining my running group last year was a huge change that I undertook to make new friends too because I finally realised I was allowed to have them 🙂 My new running friends area also like family to me too.

      It’s funny you should write that comment at the time when I was out realising that my running friends are more than “running” friends now 🙂

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