Whitsundays Day 3: Langbrook Island to Gulnare Inlet


Our second morning on Whitsunday Blue was magnificent. I woke with the dawn and watched to sun rise over Hook Island.



It was just past 6am when Mum and I jumped off the back of the boat t swim with the bat fish. These big fish were as curious about us as we were about them. They swam with us, coming within centimeters of our faces and hands.


After a fantastic breakfast of pancakes, croissants and fresh fruit we boarded the tender to the Langford Island sandbank. Here we donned wetsuits, flippers, masks and snorkels.

The snorkeling here was brilliant. We swam with a turtle and lots of brightly coloured fish.

The coral was like a colourful garden. It included soft corals that moved with the current, hard coral that looked like brains, coral flowers and small tree-like coral growing on short stumps. The coral was multicoloured varying from blues, purples and greens to pinks, oranges and yellows.



We hoisted sails and cruised to False Nara where we snorkeled around the bommies. The water was deep and slightly choppy. Unfortunately visibility wasn’t great; the water was a bit cloudy. But it was still great to be in the water. We saw some great cauliflower shaped corals in pink and yellow, as well as big brains.


We spent the afternoon making the most of the catermeran’s huge sails and the strong north-easterly breeze. We sailed straight down the Whitsunday Passage back to Gulnare Inlet for our final night.


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