Motorbike geocaching in the rain

Grasstree flower

It was raining when I woke this morning but I wasn’t letting that keep me indoors. I might not be able to run or cycle but I can still walk and geocache. I pulled my rain pants over my motorcycling pants and my motorbike jacket (which isn’t waterproof), and set off for a few hours of fun.

Flowering grasstrees along path

I didn’t want to travel too far because my son was coming over for the afternoon so I rode about 30km to Mt Gravatt where some bushland geocaches are hidden. I selected caches that weren’t too far from the roads so that I didn’t have to walk too far in my motorbike boots. The boots are not great for my injured back because they constrict my stride. But they do protect me against snakes, which is good in the Queensland summer.

One of the caches I found is hidden in Toohey Forest. As I walked to the cache I noticed the grass trees have been flowering. It’s rare to see this sight because grass trees grow slowly and flower rarely. These grass trees were still young so many didn’t yet have any trunks and just looked like clumps of grass with beautiful yellow flowers on long stalks.

Heavy rain at Holmead Park

By the time I found my last cache I was soaked to the bone. The park (Holmead Park) was starting to flood from the stormwater run off; making the day look like a true sub-tropical summers day. The rain was warm so being soaked didn’t bother me. Though I was glad for my waterproof pants because I draw the line at a wet crotch. 😉

I found five geocaches and two travel bugs, which I will take with me on my next geohunt, bringing my geocache find total to 392.




2 responses to “Motorbike geocaching in the rain

  1. Ha, ha, that’s a good place to draw the line!

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