A walk in the bush (with some geocaching thrown in)

Morning bushland

Morning bushland

The sun rose at 4:47am today so I had plenty of daylight hours before I had to be at work. With my back pain slowly becoming less severe and my movement less restricted, I decided to start getting back into some light bushwalking again this morning.

I went out to some bushland in Sheldon that I’ve not explored before. There are two fun and challenging series of geocaches hidden in the bushland so I thought it would be a fun way to combine my desperate need for exercise with a passtime that is keeping me from going insane during this period of recovery.

Morning trails

Morning trails

My expedition took me along some smooth wide fire trails that would be amazing to run on. Unlike the trails near my home, the surfaces here are soft hardpacked dirt, which will probably turn into sticky mud during the rainy season. It will be a good place to do some running when my body is ready again (it’s not far off now … my physio and I are hoping I’ll be ready again in December).

Mossy log

Mossy log

The scenery here in this bush is slightly more open than the bushland near my home. This area is flatter compared with my local bush, which is hilly with deep gullies. Here, the leaves can settle on the ground and moss grows on fallen logs that look like they are lying out in the open, rather than only those laying near creeks.



But one thing never changes: the spiders. There were some monsters out in the bush this morning. Good thing they don’t scare me. This particular breed of spider is common in our area. They would probably be pretty if it weren’t for their big ugly elongated back. The yellow stripes on their legs catch the sunlight and contrast against their white faces. They spin thick webs that are sometimes over a metre wide. And then when we walk through their webs they just start again: talk about tenacity.

It felt good to go walking without pain this morning. I’ve been in agony since I injured my sacroiliac joint (SIJ) on 29 or 30 October. It still hurts to sit at my desk all day and to stand up after laying down but at least the pain is now probably only at 1-2/10 instead of the 10/10 I rated it last week.

I might head out again tomorrow to explore some more trails in the same bushland. Who knows, I might even finally be quick enough to share a photo of a wallaby with you. I keep trying to photograph them but they usually hop away too quickly.

Total: 3.11km walk and 5 geocaches found.


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