QiGong moves (from Spiritual Wake Up website)

QiGong moves (from Spiritual Wake Up website; click for link)

I took tai chi classes in 2006 and 2007. I started with a form of tai chi that was based on kung fu then moved to Taoist tai chi. While I preferred the teaching style that was used in the Taoist tai chi classes, I always preferred the more masculine kung fu style moves. The other thing I liked about the kung fu style classes was that we learned the 18-move qigong routine.

I have returned to my practice of tai chi on-and-off over the years. At first I tried to remember the tai chi sequence but without instructor guidance I kept getting the routines from each style mixed up in my head. So I have focused on the qigong routine because I can usually remember most of the 18 moves and it’s less critical when I forget some because they don’t have to connect to make sense.

When I first started training again last year, one of the first things I did was return to qigong exercises. I practiced them regularly until I got more confident with my triathlon training (which was then my sport of choice). I even completed a qigong routine before my early races to help calm my nerves. But then, for some reason, I stopped doing it. Perhaps life just got too fast.

This morning I practiced my qigong for the first time in over a year. It must be something I return to when I need it. It’s Friday so I’m not walking today; I’m letting my body rest. The qigong was a nice restful activity to start my day.


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  1. I have studied Tai Chi and Qigong a little bit, but only from books and DVDs. It seems a good way to be physically healthy and contemplative at the same time. Finding the time for it can be tricky. I applaud your efforts.

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