Canberra night geowalk


View from Red Hill

I am in Canberra tonight. I’m here to give a conference presentation tomorrow but first I had to go out exploring.


Typical suburban street in Canberra

I am staying close to Capital Hill under the watchful eye of Parliament House. So I started my walk through the leafy suburb of Forrest where the roads are wide and parks plentiful.


Even the trees are different here

Clouds rolled in over the city but didn’t drop any water on me.


Eastern grey kangaroos

As I walked up around Red Hill in the late evening, big kangaroos lined the trails. I phoned my partner and she told me crazy stories about zombie roos, which had me in stitches (laughing).


Single track in dusk

It was almost dark when I reached the Red Hill single tracks but I pushed on, my eyes becoming accustomed to the darkness. It felt great to get my daily dose of bush.


Paper daisy

The paper daisies along the trail were pretty.

I reached the top of Red Hill where I enjoyed the views of Canberra’s lights. I also found three more caches after dark using my mobile phone and the moon for light.

I didn’t return to my hotel until almost 10pm after being out for about 2 hours.

Total: 7.5km walk and 5 geocaches found.

5 responses to “Canberra night geowalk

  1. Thanks for the memories… I lived in Australia 44 years ago. I’m sure things have Changed a bit since then. I visited Canberra one weekend driving up from Sydney. I though Canberra was the cleanest and prettiest cities I had ever seen. I’ve been wanting to get back there some day… Thanks for the post…

    • Oh yeah, Australia would be a very changed place to how it was 44 years ago. I am 33 and I’ve seen incredible change even in the past decade.

      I like Canberra too. It’s pretty. I think it’s a bit small for me to live in but I do like to visit

  2. Love the photo of the paper daisy, it reminds me of a pattern I used to draw with my spirograph when I was young 🙂

    • Oh yeah … I see the spirograph-likeness now. That’s really cool. I will like paper daisies even more now that I see the pattern. I like that you can pick a paper daisy and it will retain its colour and shape for months … I have some in my house that I picked last summer. They are just now turning to rubbish so I might extract the seeds and plant them in the garden so I have more paper daisies this summer.

      • Yellow’s my favourite colour as it reminds me of the shining sun and the paper daisy just looks so perfect 🙂

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