Read the ride instructions!

It’s 9:30pm and I’m madly racing around the house grabbing all the things I might need to be one of Dino’s helpers at the Midnight Century. I’ve borrowed Mum’s ute (I ride a motorbike), and thrown in my track pump (just in case someone gets a flat), a handful of tools (you never know what will happen in the dark of night), sleeping bag (just in case I’m too tired to drive straight home afterwards) and some sugary treats (to keep me awake through the small hours).

I’m in the car by 9:55pm, leaving plenty of time to drive from my home at Mt Cotton to Brothers Leagues Club, Ipswich. I even read Dino’s flyer, which he’s just resent me, to check the location of the ride. I’m all set. And I’m excited because I’ve never been to an Audax Australia ride because I’ve only recently joined the club and then injured myself.

I arrive at Brothers Leagues Club, Ipswich around 11pm. And I immediately realise something’s wrong. There are no bicycles here. Not a single car with a bike rack to be seen in the carpark. I check my emails again on my mobile. On re-reading Dino’s flyer it becomes obvious that I need to go back to primary school. Either I can’t read (the flyer says Saturday) or I don’t know my days of the week (today is Friday). HAHAHA!!!!!

The moral of the story: read the ride instructions! 😉

I laugh at myself for the whole hour-long drive back home.


4 responses to “Read the ride instructions!

    • Haha..Yep. It’s actually something I’ve been paranoid about for ages (turning up to an event a day or week early). Now I know the world doesn’t end and that it’s funny. Mind you, I don’t want to make this mistake again

      • Ha ha! You’re mad. Too early isn’t so bad though. I have actual vivid nightmares about arriving late – races about to start, already have started, starting in 5 minutes and I’m not ready … much worse?! 🙂

        (I admit, in real life I am always rushing and a bit last-minute. But I practically always make it on time when it matters most)

      • I am often rushing around last minute too so being a full 24 hours early was a bit novel. 😉

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