Thinking about 2013

While I was out walking with my partner this morning, I started talking with her about lifestyle issues, including my long-term goals. My long-term goal is to run a 100 miler. But I am realistic and know it’s going to take 2-3 years of solid and sensible preparation to get to a point where I could confidently toe the start line of a 100 miler and be as certain as possible that I’ve adequately prepared for the event (there’s no guarantees with ultra marathons).

So that’s my goal: to run a 100 miler sometime between mid-2014 and late-2015. In the mean time, I have a lot of preparation to complete. And the first step is to get through the next 12 months unscathed and with sufficient patience to build my mileage.

Tonight I’ve worked through the trail running, Audax and adventure racing calendars for 2013 and have identified a cool range of events that I think I’d like to complete during 2013. I have selected the races based on the realistic expectation that I’ll be starting my running training again by January and able to run 5km by March. I have also invited my sister to be my team mate for the adventure races, which are almost all 2-person affairs. My sister and I make a good adventure racing team because neither of us take things too seriously.

So here’s my shortlist of events for 2013:


  • 1st – 11 out of Eleven 100km Audax Australia road cycle
  • 12th – Moonlight Wander 200km Audax Australia night road cycle


  • 3rd – Brisk Beaudesert 100km Audax Australia road cycle
  • 8th – City Raid night scavenger hunt
  • 16th – Kayak Kapers 4 hour kayakgaine


  • 9th – Kathmandu Adventure Race (2-4km kayak, 15-25km MTB, 5-10km trail run)
  • 24th – iAdventure Sprint Adventure Race (3-5km kayak, 12-18km MTB, 7-10km trail run)


  • 13th – 1 Lump of Two 200km Audax Australia road cycle
  • 27th – Rogue 24 hour Adventuregaine


  • 18th – Bicentennial Century 100km Audax Australia MTB
  • 19th – Adventure Race Australia (< 35km MTB, <15km trail run)


  • 1st – iAdventure Sprint Adventure Race (3-5km kayak, 12-18km MTB, 7-10km trail run)
  • 15th – Berry Good 200km Audax Australia road cycle


  • 6th – Gatton Gamble 300km Audax Australia road cycle
  • 14th – Tre-X Off-Road Duathlon (8km trail run, 30km MTB, 4km trail run)
  • 21st – Pomona King of the Mountain trail run


  • 11th – Logan’s Run 70km MTB marathon
  • 24th – iAdventure 8 hour adventure race (8-11km kayak, 25-33km MTB, 12-16km trail run)


  • 14th – Stampede 5km mud run
  • 29th – Mangrove to Mountains 150km Audax Australia road cycle


  • 5th – Downs and Back 600km Audax Australia road cycle
  • 19th – Scenic Rim 1,000km Audax Australia road cycle


  • 3rd – iAdventure Sprint Adventure Race (3-5km kayak, 12-18km MTB, 7-10km trail run)
  • 15th – 18 hour Dark Side Adventure Race or 12 hour Dawn Attack Adventure Race

So every walk and geocaching session now has a purpose and that makes me feel a lot better. I am goal oriented and have tried to be more process oriented but it’s just not me. Acknowledging this allows me to set goals and work towards them.

I think each event will be achievable and will fit nicely within the training schedule I want to follow for my trail running because I only want to run 3-4 days a week in 2013 while cycle commuting and playing around on my MTB. There are no trail runs on the calendar because we don’t have shorter trail runs in Queensland: we largely have 25 – 100km events. So, to take pressure off, I am going to focus on multisport and adventure race events, which I totally love.

Total: 3.5km walk

5 responses to “Thinking about 2013

  1. That’s quite an impressive list of events you have planned for next year! I’m much more loosey-goosey with my race planning. And kudos to you for wanting to run a 100 miler! My friend keeps trying to talk me into the idea of “just thinking” about it, but right now I have zero desire to push myself that far!

    • 100miles is the event that drew me to trail running. It’s crazy but there’s something about it. Maybe because it makes me feel badass to think about achieving that goal. Haha.

      I love racing and it’s the biggest thing I’ve missed this spring. And I love the chilled atmosphere of adventure races bc they are like trail runs in atmosphere. Everyone is just there for a laugh.

      The multisport approach will probably also give me balance for my training

  2. I’ve been planning my events for 2013 too. All mine involve cycling 🙂

    • Ooh … I look forward to reading more about your 2013 adventures 🙂 Mine were going to be more cycling oriented but I’ve decided that 2013 is going to be a good year for adventure racing with my sister … It will allow me to get back to basics – being in the bush and having some balance in my training. Oh, and I can’t wait to get out on my MTB now that I have clipless pedals … and am going to get some new brake cables so they actually work 😉

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