Holding a black headed python

Mum organised a reptile man to come show her many grandchildren some native cold bloods. So I jumped in and had a hold too.


Holding a carpet snake

The snakes and crocodile were all young animals. The black headed python was 2 years old and can grow many more metres. The carpet snake was 1 year old and can grow to 4m long and 30 years.

It was a very cool afternoon with my own grandchildren (yes I have grandchildren in my 30s), siblings, daughter-in-law, nieces, nephews and parents.

Tomorrow is Saturday. I’ve plans for geocaching and to service my motorbike (I’ve never done any motor mechanics before so it could be interesting). But for now I’m chilling out with the reptiles.


7 responses to “Reptiles

    • Haha. Yeah. My son (step-son) is 22yo with 4 kids to his wife (they married last year). They are aged 1yo to 6yo. I’ve been a grandfather since I was in my late 20s. It’s just that my partner is 13 years older than me and our son was a bit naughty.

  1. I read this twice as I thought I’d read the mention about your grandchildren wrong lol. We have a photo of my youngest grandson with a snake around his neck like a scarf. He was about three at the time and showed no fear at all. If I’d been there I’d have been out of the door 🙂

    • LOL. I forgot that I’d not mentioned my youthful grandfather status 😉 My daughter-in-law is Sudanese so my oldest granddaughter (6yo) looked like a proper African Princess wearing the snake wrapped around her, especially because she was wearing a princess tiara. My grandson (2yo) was besotted with the blue tongue lizard, my 3yo niece couldn’t get enough of the black headed python and my 1yo niece was totally crazy about the baby crocodile. The funniest was my 7yo nephew who really desperately wanted to touch the reptiles but was simultaneously so terrified.

      • Children are funny. Logan spent a couple of hours with the snake, a giant millipede, a tarantula and other exotic animals and yet a few days later a little puppy went up to him barking and he hid behind me. He much preferred the snake 🙂

  2. are these ones poisonous? i wanna get me one like that

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