A morning on the bike

Riding at Victoria Point by Andrew Gills
Riding at Victoria Point, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

J arrived at 4:45am to take me to Victoria Point for running club. I’m so grateful to her for encouraging me to come along. The morning was perfect. Cloud cover tempered the sun’s heat. The world was quiet but for people doing exercise. The morning colours were pretty under the fast rising globe of gold.

I swung around the car park to take some photos of the dawn while “The Speedies” took off on their triathlon training cycle session. At 5:20am, I met with N and K who were also riding old purple mountain bikes and we set off at a slow pace to take an 8km circuit of Point O’Halloran. N and K are novice cyclists who are nervous about riding on busy roads and down steep hills, so I suggested Point O’Halloran for it’s flat quiet streets. We talked as we rode, sharing experiences and tips.

After completing the short 8km loop, N and K set off for the weekly club run. I’m not running yet and am not keen to combine cycling and walking due to the different muscle groups used. So I rode my bike alongside my friends as they ran. There must have been 100 runners at club this morning so I had plenty of different people to talk with as I moved between groups. By the time I returned to the carpark, I had ridden 15km. Sure, it took me 75 minutes but it’s still slow forward motion. After such a lengthy period of relative inactivity, it seems sensible to start out slowly. I know myself: I’ll be overdoing it again in no time 😉

Total: 15km cycle and plenty of time with friends.

5 responses to “A morning on the bike

  1. Andrew, that is a beautiful photo. Such gorgeous light.

    • Thank you 🙂 . I did cheat a bit by using a Flickr filter bc I.just have a mobile phone (cell phone) camera but it was a beautiful morning with amazing light 🙂 . Just did some tai chi at beach while waiting to pick my sister up from airport. Was fab

  2. That view is beautiful! 🙂 Who wouldn’t want to go biking in that kind of place. 🙂

  3. Lovely photo. I would want to be outside all the time too if Ilived there. Good to hear the bike ride went well 🙂

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