C25K Day 1

Herisson Island Perth by Andrew Gills
Herisson Island Perth, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Today is huge: I went running!

I have been anxious about my first run since I first injured myself at Perth’s City to Surf on 26 August. First it was my hamstring, shins and foot. I rested for about eight weeks before I tried to do some 1 min run 4 min walk sessions. A week later my sacroiliac joint went. So it’s no surprise that I’ve been wanting to run again but have been putting it off.

On Sunday night I decided that today would be the day. I downloaded the metric Couch-to-5km (C25K) program off the internet and made up my mind to make Perth the city of my running return. And this morning I did. Day 1 of the C25K is:

  • 5 mins brisk walk
  • 20 mins @ 60 sec run, 90 sec walk
  • 5 mins brisk walk.

I actually ended up walking about 15 mins at the end because I was too far from my hotel.

While running I tried to focus on my technique. I’m hoping to learn some chi running and so I practiced leaning forward from the hips, keeping my feet under me, landing midfoot and kicking my heels up behind me. It felt awkward so that must mean I was doing it correctly.

My sacroiliac joint and shins feel okay. I can tell that I do need some support for the sacroiliac joint but it handled this light level of running well.

Total: 4.5km run / walk



2 responses to “C25K Day 1

  1. Hope you feel ok and your recovery continues

    • G’day Mr BikevCar. It’s been two days since my run and I’m still feeling great. I’m heading out this evening for my second C25K run.

      I hope the winter there is short so that you can get back out on your bike safely. I can appreciate the frustration you are currently experiencing, having just returned to training after 4 months off myself.

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