C25K Week 1 Day 2

Field of dreams by Andrew Gills
Field of dreams, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

It’s been a long week so far; I’ve been up past midnight every night since Sunday and it’s taking its toll.I even too yesterday off running. But I’m so excited by my return to running that I found the energy to go running this evening.

After my partner and I completed our 3km walk, I took off down through the grass field to do my second Couch-to-5k training session. As the sun set over the field of grass, I sent up a prayer of gratitude to all the people who have helped me through the past few months. I’m feeling more positive and engaged with life again.

There was no pain at all in my sacroiliac joint; not even a twinge. In fact, there hasn’t been any pain there since lunch time on Tuesday so that’s a good sign.

As I ran along the gravel roads I focused on my technique. I tried this whole lean forward controlled falling thing that William Wragg talked about in his explanation of chi running. While it felt awkward after a lifetime of leaning slightly backwards, it also felt oddly natural at the same time. I kicked my feet back behind me and corrected every time I came close to heel striking. I can see the attraction of this running technique and hope to one day master it (have I mentioned that I practice it in the shower every day?).

Total: 3km walk + 4km C25K run/walk session.


8 responses to “C25K Week 1 Day 2

  1. Sounds great Andrew! I’ve been doing mine too around the streets of Paddington. Feels good.

  2. A Chi run in every sense. Well written blog.

  3. Have you ever tried wearing Nike Free shoes? They will also help you transition to more of a forefront strike — as will trail running, as you probably already know.

    • I wear Merrel Trail Gloves or Dunlop Volleys (yes, those cheap 1970s throw-backs), and am hoping to buy a pair of New Balance Minimus Road Zeroes in the New Year. I have a moderately consistent forefoot strike from running barefoot last year but find that I get lazy as I get tired or speed up (there’s some scary heel striking photos of me finishing races).

      I am concerned the Nike Frees have too thick sole for me. In the past I’ve always had problems with shoes with thick padding making my ITB and shins hurt. That’s why I switched to the barefoot and Trail Gloves.

      Though this year my goal is to reach a point where I can have a little more padding in my shoes to protect my feet on sharp rocky ground or hard concrete while maintaining a more natural forefoot / barefoot style form.

      I’m also focusing on trail running in training this year rather than the road because I want to do a whole heap of adventure races πŸ™‚ So far I’m just running on gravel roads because I’m not yet up to running hills and all our trails are hilly. Not mountainous, just short steep hills to about 60m above sea level (rising from sea level).

      I will consider the Nike Frees though as I get more confident in trying new shoes … at the moment shoes have a history of causing pain so I’m quite anxious about trying anything that’s not totally flat.

  4. *I meant “forefoot” strike.

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