A rest day

City Cycling in Brisbane by Andrew Gills
City Cycling in Brisbane, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

After my social cycle and run yesterday morning, I overdid things a bit. A friend came up from Tasmania so we went out for a short City Cycle ride along the Brisbane River. While it was fun, I think I overdid things a little bit. The ride from the City to New Farm Park was fine. Then we caught a ferry to West End. But the ride from West End back to my motorbike in the City was just too much for my current state of physical fitness.

Not enough to cause me concern but enough to force me to take a rest day today. So instead of going walking with my partner, I relax at home catching up on some television shows I recorded during the week, enjoying breakfast and catching up on blogs. Later today I will clean the house and do our Christmas shopping. Maybe we’ll even put up the tree this year (if I can find it).

Today’s total will be: 0km but a happy day


12 responses to “A rest day

  1. It’s great to take a break, it really is 🙂

  2. I love rest days. And I haven’t put my tree up yet either.

    • Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one who was slow at putting their tree up. I just did mine and now am off to do some shopping. My partner bought our son and grandkids their presents. Now I just have to buy the rest. Fortunately, we have a Secret Santa system in my family so each of us only have to buy one $30 gift and one $10 gift for our two Secret Santas. But I also want to buy my and my partner’s parents a gift (oh and something for my partner of course but I still don’t know what)

  3. Love the photo 🙂

    We haven’t bought our tree yet. I’m on holiday now until 2nd January, so will be spending the next few days doing all the things that most of the people I know have already done.

    Enjoy your rest, especially in the lovely weather your photo is showing. It’s freezing where I live!

    • Ooh nice to be on holidays hey 🙂 I am on holidays from Thursday this week until 2nd January. I can’t wait 🙂

      It is very hot here at the moment. And starting to get sticky because we’ve had some storms. Though I prefer that to freezing. Do you still get out riding in the winter?

      • Sorry Andrew for such a late reply. Actually been unwell for most of my holiday so far, which is typical lol. Now trying to catch up on all the Christmas stuff I’d planned to do and update my blog. Sometimes wonder if planning is best ignored 🙂

        The freezing cold has been replaced with pouring rain lol. Still get out on my bike. The only thing that seems to stop me is deep snow.

        Hope you have a great Christmas 🙂

      • I hope you get well quickly. Yuck on the rain front but you probably have appropriate wet weather gear to keep you warm.and dry, don’t you? Otherwise I can highly recommend All Seasons Cyclist’s blog.

      • Forgot to say … I still haven’t got a tree lol.

  4. Love the pic! I was debating on whether or not to take a rest day today but I’ve realized sometimes the body just needs a breather. And plus, it’s so nice sometimes to just sit down and relax. I hope you have a fabulous day of rest and relaxation!

    • I did have a fabulous day of rest. I spent most of it walking around in the heat trying to find Christmas presents but that’s a pleasurable activity 🙂

      I read somewhere that our bodies become fit through rest days because it gives our muscles a chance to regroup. I try to take at least one rest day every week … it used to be Fridays but I think that if I don’t have hiking, riding or racing plans for Sundays, I might make Sunday my rest day

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