C25K Week 2 Day 2 – Tempo

My hip clicks as I start my C25K session. During the walk it’s audible but not painful. My Virgo mind goes a little crazy thinking about what it could be. But I settle my mind and remind myself that this is a normal symptom of the looseness in the ligaments in my SIJ. Once I realise this, I relax and settle into the session, accepting the clicking noise isn’t good but also isn’t a new injury. It’s probably just a sign I actually need to part with some cash to buy an SIJ belt. I don’t hear my hip as I run.

Today’s session was the same as Tuesday’s but I did it on a flat course. I ran on a mix of surfaces including uneven and ungraded 4WD tracks through the grass field, a graded gravel road, a concrete footpath and bitumen roads. I focused on using the new technique my physio is helping me with. It’s based on chi running. I am trying to keep a mid-foot strike, forward lean from the ankles (not bending at the hips) and my feet under me.

After my run I completed part of the Pushups for Pink App program. I’ve still got it set on 5 minutes easy, which is too difficult for me. But I made progress compared with Tuesday’s routine. The program I am currently following include 30 seconds each of:

  • standard push ups (completed full 30 seconds)
  • hands elevated push ups (completed full 30 seconds)
  • feet elevated push ups (completed 15 seconds)
  • wide grip push ups (completed 15 seconds)
  • diamond push ups (completed 10 seconds)
  • knuckle push ups (completed 10 seconds)
  • rotational push ups (completed full 30 seconds)
  • single leg push ups (completed 15 seconds)
  • right elevated push ups (completed 10 seconds)
  • left elevated push ups (completed 10 seconds).

I find push ups tough. I guess it’s probably because I run and cycle more than I use my upper body. The program also includes medium and hard options, and 7.5 and 10 minute durations. I currently just aspire to be able to complete the easy 5 minute routine.

I also completed my pilates exercises. I am really starting to feel a difference in my core strength, despite only doing 3 sets of 6 of each exercise 3 times a week when I’m supposed to do 3 sets of 10 exercises every day. It takes me ages to do my pilates exercises because I have to go slowly to get the form right. The exercises I do are:

  • abs prep
  • pelvic tilt
  • basic back extension
  • clams
  • leg lifts
  • leg slides.

These are all just basic exercises but they are a challenge for me, particularly the pelvic tilt and leg lifts. The great thing about them is that I can just do them in front of the television.

I finished the session the same way as I started: by stretching.

Total: 4.16km run/walk.


7 responses to “C25K Week 2 Day 2 – Tempo

  1. Nice workout Andrew.

  2. Way to get back and never give up! Keep up the good work!

  3. Your “Virgo mind.” Love it!

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