A couple of rest days

I’ve taken the past two days off training because my sacroiliac joint is giving me trouble. I whipper snipped (I don’t know the non-Australian-slang term for this activity) the borders of my lawn yesterday for the first time since May. It only took half an hour but it did enough damage to make walking painful so I wasn’t keen to try running. My partner has a similar back injury to me and she later told me that she doesn’t whipper snip for the same reason.

This evening I replaced the brake cables on my mountain bike. That felt like quite an accomplishment after riding all year without brakes.

As 2012 draws to a close, my partner and I are taking stock of our current life and financial situations. Our lifestyle has changed drastically the past three years and the dreams we had back then are vastly different to those we have today. We are starting to feel more certain about the direction we would like to take for the next half decade and, without saying anything more, 2013 is going to be a huge year of exploration for us.

I’m going mountain biking tomorrow morning. The physical exercise will do me good.

4 responses to “A couple of rest days

  1. We call it a weed-whacker or weed-eater here in the USA 🙂 Funny names now that I think of it!

  2. Weed eater! I like whipper snip, though! Sounds like you have some exciting changes coming your way in 2013.

    • Weed eater is very graphic 🙂 . Yes, 2013 will be big. We have a general direction and plan of attack. It’s all very secret squirrel right now. We think it will take 6 months to do prep work then we will be able to share more info. In the mean time, it’s training and ice baths for me 🙂

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