Cleveland and Ormiston cycle

Raby Bay Harbor by Andrew Gills
Raby Bay Harbor, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

What better way to start Christmas Eve than with a cycle down and along the water. The sun was shining. Power puff clouds dotted the sky. And the temperature was a lovely cool 27’C (80.6’F).

The roads were quiet but for a few dozen cyclists I saw out riding. The only sounds were the clicking of my gears and the loud ever-present hum of cicadas. I eased into the ride as I passed the vineyard, paddocks of cattle and cruised down to the waterfront.

The yachts moored at Raby Bay Harbour were refected on the water, which held just the feintest ripples. Out at Ormiston I explored some pretty mangrove-edged parks down by the bay. The water there smelled headily of salt and mud. I can only imagine how bountiful this waterfront must have been in centuries past.

I enjoyed my cruise on two wheels under my own steam. My new groupset needs adjusting so perhaps I’ll give that a try this week. My first Audax ride is just over a week away so I need to sort it out before then. But despite the skipping, I’m getting used to the new gear ratios, which force me to spin more than my old groupset did. This can only improve my cycling.

Total: 46.18km road cycle


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