Single track magic

Rigid frame rock rider by Andrew Gills
Rigid frame rock rider, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Sunday mornings are my sister and my regular Team Whoops Witch Way adventure race training session. On Sundays we ride our mountain bikes; gaining confidence and speed. Well, more confidence than speed at this stage of our adventure racing career. Today we ride the single tracks in Bayview Conservation Park.

We drift down You’re Kidding, squeezing our bikes between the she-oaks and grass trees that hug the twisting track. My sister’s confidence is clearly improving as she winds her way along the track. Our handlebars never touch the trees.

We ride the early stages of Chicken Run quickly but then start climbing. It’s a relatively long climb but much easier than if we were on the fire trail. Logs cross the track at each bend, forcing us to work hard at staying upright and putting our feet down at times.

Vegemite is an Australian sandwich spread made from yeast that is an acquired taste. It is also a rocky single track that climbs a hill. We bounce our way along, walking where we lose momentum. I am envious of my sister’s front suspension as my hands and arms rattle to the rhythm of my wheels.

We drop down Fluffer. It twists sharply downhill but I am more used to this than I was before. I can keep my feet clipped in down most of the turns. We’re not fast, even on the downhill, but we are staying upright and having fun. Speed can come later.

We ride back down to the southern end of the park where we ride The Maze. This track is rough and ready. We bounce over tree roots; I jolt around more than my sister. It’s fun. It’s testing our skills. It’s the last single track of the morning.

Almost three hours after I left home, I return to the end of my sister’s street. I should really turn around and ride the 5km home through the bush but am too lazy. My sister drives me home.

Total: 30km MTB


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