I got lucky today! One of the men at running club offered me his old mountain bike for parts to repair the one that fell off the back of the car. I was expecting an old hunk of metal so was pleasantly surprised when I went to collect the bike. It’s a nice little entry level full suspension machine. Sure, it’s heavy and a no-name brand but it is in good condition (and it was free). The rear derailleur is bent so it catches the wheels when in the granny gear, and the rear derailleur and brakes are sluggish (probably just a matter of new cables). But these should all be easy to fix. It could also do with a new set of tyres (but they are consumables anyway).

My MTB needing repair

My MTB needing repair

So this is the current state of my normal MTB. It’s looking a bit sad. I don’t know whether you can see how badly bent the handlebars are from the photo. I’m hoping to go to RecycleWorld tomorrow at the rubbish tip to see whether there’s a suitable parts bike there for next to nothing. I’m particularly keen to get a rear wheel and now a rear derailleur so I can fix up both MTBs. The rest of the parts are relatively cheap and I have been offered a set of brake levers / brakes by another running friend.I am very keen to get this bike working again because I just love riding it. There will be races where it’s better suited to the course than the full suspension bike, which loses a lot of power in the suspension.

Who knows, I might soon have three bikes: my road bike, full rigid MTB and full suspension MTB. Then all I need is a second set of clipless pedals for the new MTB and I’ll be on my way.

5 responses to “Score!

  1. I’m hoping to get a mountain bike this year! I love road biking and definitely looking to branch out!

    • It’s a fun sport. I’m not great at it but I do enjoy riding off-road. I just use a cheap old mountain bike. To date, I’ve had a fully rigid bike that I just bounce around on. The new bike is a freebie so it’s also just a cheap mountain bike.

      Do you have off-road triathlons and duathlons where you live? That might be a fun way to branch out. We have them here and they are great fun.

      • Not usually. There’s 1 kayak, mtb, and trail run triathlon I know of in the mountains, but that’s about it. There’s a very active mtb community where I live though! So hopefully I can get a cheap bike off craigslist, which is what I did for my road bike.

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