MTB on a hybrid

Unknown trail by Andrew Gills
Unknown trail, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

My mountain bike is still out of action but our adventure racing team has our weekly mountain bike training session on Sunday mornings. Fortunately, my sister has a nice little 5-year-old women’s hybrid with front suspension that I could borrow.

Our third team mate, M, came along to our session this morning. She’s racing with us at Adventure Race Australia in May where we’ve entered as a three-person team. She is also likely to join us at the Dark Side 18 hour event in November and to join my sister in the women’s adventure race in July or August. M and my sister are childhood friends so it’s like being a three-person family team.

It was fun to tackle the trails on the hybrid. It was lightweight and fast. And riding with suspension was fantastic after riding for so long on a fully rigid bike. The bike rolled down over the the logs and through the ditches, the suspension taking up the rough bouncing. With the narrow hybrid road tyres I was able to speed down the hills and the lightweight frame made climbing a breeze, even with flat bed pedals. The hybrid also forced me to focus on taking good lines. I couldn’t be lazy because the narrow tyres were unforgiving in rocks and sand.

We found some pretty new trails to explore today. They ran down from Kidd Road (Pete who sometimes comments on my blog mentioned them a while ago but this is the first chance I’ve had to explore them). These trails run through she-oaks and grass trees, with their fine blunt needle-like fronds. It was beautiful and we had heaps of fun.

Total: 18.9km MTB


3 responses to “MTB on a hybrid

  1. That just sounds like fun. I’ve never ridden trails like this, but there is a community of women (Sheclismo) here in town that do. In fact, one just won gravel world competition. Sounds like you are getting the most out of life!

    • Bet you’d love riding trails. It’s loads of fun. You don’t need special skills, just ride at your own pace and ability level. 🙂

      It’s great there’s women’s riding groups around. Hopefully it helps encourage other women to join in without worrying about the testosterone fueled stuff 🙂

      • Indeed! They’re having their first organizational meeting January 20. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

        About trails. . . I think you’re right. I would LOVE the places I’d have to ride (we have trails, but they are all “rails to trails”–former RR tracks, so the biggest grades are 3%): mountains, hills. Wait, we don’t have any of those for miles around 🙂

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