So I got up at 3:55am, got on my motorbike at 4:20am, rode 45km (28 miles) to the canoe club, waited from 5:05am-5:45am for the Tuesday morning paddlers to arrive (they were due at 5:15am for a 5:30am start) and then got back on my motorbike to ride all the way home without a paddle. No one showed up. I know I got the day and time right because I double checked. I decided it’s a sign I’m not meant to join the canoe club just yet; I’ll wait until I move closer to the canoe club.

Instead, I had a delightful 4km walk with my partner. I got home from my wasted time just in time to catch her walking out the door. I enjoyed the walk much more than I would have enjoyed the paddle because I had fantastic company 😉 .

I have a 200km Audax Australia ride on Saturday afternoon from 4pm. I will have to climb 2,500m over the course of the ride. I think I will put this morning’s relaxing walk down as tapering for the ride. Haha.

Total: 4km walk

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