Night runners

Night runner by Andrew Gills
Night runner, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Team Whoops Witch Way entered another event today: the 8 hour Upside Down Rogain starting at 11pm on 23 February. Seems it’s a good thing we’re doing our trail running training at night because there’s going to be plenty of darkness for that event.

We’re getting fitter and stronger every week, both aerobically and as a team. While we were doing a lot of walking during our first night trail run, in week three we’ve been able to run most of the 7km route I selected tonight. We challenged ourselves to a hilly course and tried to run at least one-third of each hill. As a team we’re talking a lot about our tactics for upcoming events and making sure we are both comfortable with the training sessions selected.

By the time we were 2.5km into our run we were both dripping with sweat. It’s been seriously hot here today and is only going to get hotter over the next few days. It means that every training session feels good. I can’t explain why but working out in the heat, ending up all sweaty makes me feel like I’ve worked harder than if it’s cool.

I love our Wednesday night trail runs. They are one of the highlights of my week, along with our Sunday morning mountain bike rides.

Total: 7.03km trail run

4 responses to “Night runners

  1. Excellent photo! Do you have one brown, one blue eye or is that just the way the light caught it?? Been following the AUS temps, what a nightmare – no wonder you’re running at night!

    • Hi Max 🙂 . I have 2 very blue eyes. The light just makes one look brown.

      As for temperatures. Here where I live in Brisbane we are fairly used to high temperatures. While it’s hot, it’s not out of the realm of ordinary for us to have 30-35’C at this time of year or to have the odd 40’C day every few years.

      However, for people down south it’s pretty intense. Especially in Tasmania.

      My sister and I run at night because she has 4 children under 7yo so it’s the only time she can escape guilt free. But at the moment we are glad for it to escape the heat. While we’re fairly used to it, the heat still knocks us around

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