Recovery ride

Albert River dawn by Andrew Gills
Albert River dawn, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

It would have been so easy to sleep in this morning. I want to press snooze on my phone to delay the alarm but, instead, I get up. I enjoyed the Moonlight Wander on Saturday night and want to be able to do more of them. The best place to start is by getting up to take a morning ride. It’s also probably the best thing to stop my muscles from stiffening up after Saturday night.

I ride an easy route to Loganholme and then down the V1, which runs along the highway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The V1 is not an inspiring route but it serves a purpose: to provide a relatively safe cycling route. The route is relatively flat and has some pretty moments, like where it crosses the Albert River.

This morning the sun is rising out of the fields across the river. That’s why I ride: for moments like these.

Total: 57.5km road cycle


4 responses to “Recovery ride

  1. There is something about a sunrise that makes it all worthwhile, isn’t there? It’s one of the reasons I love running early in the morning (even though I’m not a morning person at all).

    • Oh yeah. Sunrises rock. Actually, sunsets are beautiful too. Perhaps I just like change *grins*. Oh I wish I were a night person because then I’d get to hang out with the adults but alas, I am a morning person

  2. Beautiful Sunrise catch Andrew!

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