Echidna and fox run

Echidna by Andrew Gills
Echidna, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Trail running by torchlight is different to trail running by sunlight in so many ways. Your world is focused on what the narrow beam of your head torch can light. The rest of the world is dark. Sounds are louder at night too. So every hopping toad sounds as loud as a wallaby and wallabies as loud as elephants. Well, probably not quite that loud, but a writer is allowed to exaggerate sometimes.

But perhaps the biggest difference is the wildlife. Last week and tonight, my sister and I saw a fox down near the first creek crossing of our run trail. It’s a big, well fed fox with yellow eyes that reflect our torch light. He skulks across the track and into the bush to hide from us. We have a few chicken farms near the bush so I suspect he enjoys a good diet of caged bird to go with the other animals he hunts.

Tonight, we also saw an echidna. That’s the animal in the photo above. I couldn’t get a shot of him from the front and certainly wasn’t going to reach out to ask him to turn around. Though I did want to pet him just out of curiosity (I resisted the urge). I always feel so privileged when I see our native nocturnal animals because they are so rare.

We ran quickly tonight, pushing ourselves hard through the whole course except a stretch of rugged uphill single track at about the 5km mark. I am loving our Whoops Witch Way team training sessions.

Total: 6.5km night trail run


2 responses to “Echidna and fox run

  1. No story about the echidna and fox run?

    • Yeah. You just got in while I was writing the post šŸ™‚ I’ve been uploading my photos from my Flickr account to save on my blog’s upload limit. But the images post straight away and then I have to edit them to add the post. So it was just unlucky timing that you saw the photo without the story. Check again now šŸ™‚

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