A social ride

Redland Bay Dawn by Andrew Gills
Redland Bay Dawn, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

It’s been months since I last went riding or running with A. Too many months. I was starting to miss our chats so I was pleased that our schedules matched this morning for a ride.

A wanted to ride about 35km and I wanted to try squeeze in about 50km before work. So I left home early enough to ride out to Redland Bay to see the dawn rise over the water before riding back to the main road to meet A at our agreed 5:15am.

The road to Cleveland is wide and relatively quiet. Most of the on-road cycle lane is wide enough to ride two abreast without encroaching on car space so it was perfect to catch up. We rode along chatting and catching up. But we still rode fast enough to work up a sweat.

After dropping A back at her home, I rode 9km towards my home when I met my partner out on her walk. While I had hoped to cycle 50km, I decided that 49km was far enough so I joined my partner for the final 1km of her walk.

Total: 49.0km road cycle + 1km walk


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