Walking among the gum trees

Gum trees by Andrew Gills
Gum trees, a photo by Andrew Gills on Flickr.

Powder puff clouds rolls across the sky, promising another hot summer with the possibility of evening storms that I am pretty certain won’t eventuate. That’s one of the many things you can learn from a morning walk; how to read the sky.

The gum trees here in our estate seem taller than they were when we moved in almost four years ago. They are racing in their quest to outgrow each other. Some are probably getting close to 20m tall but have yet to develop the girth that comes with years.

Perhaps they are like humans. We grow tall before we gain weight. Then every decade it gets that little bit more difficult to shift the inches from our waist-lines. Unlike gum trees, which grow healthier as they grow fat, we need to keep moving to prevent ourselves falling to the same fate.

My partner asked me to find her a slightly longer walk. She has conquered the 4km distance and is ready to walk the extra ten minutes an additional kilometer will bring. So I do. And we increase our shared walk to 5km.

For the rest, today is a rest day. It’s Friday. A day to celebrate the coming weekend and all the possibilities the 48 hours of free time brings.

Total: 5.12km walk


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